Lone Northumbrian Tree

Outventure, Lone Northumbrian Tree ... erm, in a field

Outventure, Lone Northumbrian Tree I love colour but my first love has always been mono. This magnificent lone #tree , at Shilbottle near #Alnwick, #Northumberland was just MADE for #mono, with it’s bare branches and solitude. Bring on a moody sky and, bingo, the atmosphere was amazing. 🙂 Some Info … Alnwick dates back to…

Hareshaw Linn

Outdoors, Hareshaw Linn – Northumberland

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Northumberland Waterfalls

Following up along our love of photographing water (particularly waterfalls), we set out to find Hareshaw Linn in Northumberland. Parking up in Bellingham we headed out along the riverside trail to find the waterfall. The “river” being the Hareshaw Burn. It’s a very pleasant walk through the woods. (Click here for the route from my…

Hindhope Linn

Outdoors, Hindhope Linn – Northumberland

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Northumberland Waterfalls

Overcast days needn’t be a photography loss. They are IDEAL conditions for photographing water as the contrast and flares will be reduced allowing less highlight blowouts and less effort for long exposures. So, when an overcast day “spoiled” a planned client shoot we headed out, into Northumberland, hunting waterfalls to fill in the time. Photographing…

Raptor Girl

Indoors, Retouching milestone – 5000 jobs!

So, wilson photographics recently passed a “cake milestone”!! Yes, we had cake! Since beginning operations we have completed 5000 retouching jobs for our clients!! Amazing! Although, just as amazing is the fact that we still have our original clients from the good old days (so we must be doing something right) Our services have gone from strength to strength…

Minimalist Gear 3, My Gear Choices Explained

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Minimalist Gear

I wont labour the points here, if you’re reading this then your probably aware of the significance of the ones raised. Sony A7r – Pretty much a no-brainer, near medium format resolution at 36Mp, fantastic detail resolution, good shadow response, low noise, mirrorless (so “lightweight”), endless choice of lenses (both native and via adapters). Canon…

TogBitz Fat Strap

Indoors, TogBitz eBay Success

Hi all, just  a quick TogBitz brag-blog 🙂 For those of you that don’t know, wilsøn photographics sell paracord camera wrist straps under the brand TogBitz. We sell them from our online shop here, on Facebook and  on eBay Anyhow, in April we made it to the top 10% of sellers in Cameras & Photography on…