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Following up along our love of photographing water (particularly waterfalls), we set out to find Hareshaw Linn in Northumberland.

Parking up in Bellingham we headed out along the riverside trail to find the waterfall. The “river” being the Hareshaw Burn.

It’s a very pleasant walk through the woods.

(Click here for the route from my Suunto Traverse Alpha)

On the way we noticed a picnic area next to a cascade in the river and planned to return here for lunch and to photograph the cascade.

Hareshaw Cascade
A small cascade along the Hareshaw Burn, Northumberland

There was a healthy flow of human traffic all the way to the fall so I suspected we would have to be fast to get our shots (everyone has a right to be there).

Sure enough, there were a few togs already there at the fall, spread out through the rocks, so we needed to work quite hard to get our shots with no bodies in view. We managed it, although a minor irritation was forgetting the Sony adapter for my 28mm wide angle lens so was restricted to the 50mm (some new words were invented that day!!)

Dark Hareshaw
Hareshaw Linn, Northumberland

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