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Overcast days needn’t be a photography loss. They are IDEAL conditions for photographing water as the contrast and flares will be reduced allowing less highlight blowouts and less effort for long exposures.

So, when an overcast day “spoiled” a planned client shoot we headed out, into Northumberland, hunting waterfalls to fill in the time.

Photographing water really is a passion of mine, I was born on the North East coast and am always far more comfortable in its presence. Rivers, streams, becks, burns, reservoirs, the coast, lochs, tarns ….. you get the picture. 🙂

We headed off to find Hindhope Linn, a Northumbrian waterfall gem, on the outskirts of Kielder Forest in the Northumberland National Park.

A 10 minute walk from the Blakehopeburnhaugh Car Park, through the woods, got us there ….. albeit in the rain. Here you will also find two picnic areas, a toilet block (open April-October) and access onto the Pennine Way long-distance footpath.

(Follow this link for the route from my Suunto Traverse Alpha)

Excitable kids made me LEAVE my tripod in the car, an oversight I did not notice until I was stood in front of the Linn (I KNOW, RIGHT!!!), so I used the time to scout the location and walk the whole track around the waterfall. We headed back to the car and while the kids and wife ate lunch I headed back to take the previously scouted shots.

A slip led to a wet right leg up to the knee and a popped out glasses lens but 20 minutes and I was done.

Another oversight was insect repellant (in the car, doh!) and/or a midge net. The rain had stopped so on my return visit the midges were out in force and my head and right arm were covered in bites when I returned to the car park.

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