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My current “carried” minimalist gear ….

  • Sony A7R,
  • Canon FD 28mm,
  • Canon FD 50mm,
  • Canon FD 70-210mm,
  • Three Legged Thing Eric cf tripod with ball head,
  • Formatt Hitech 67mm Filter Holder (2 stop ND, 2 stop ND Grad, polariser ring),
  • 77mm Hoya Polariser
  • Tilt Adapter
  • F-Stop Ajna backpack

…. and, let me tell you, the weight reduction, from minimalist gear, is a revelation!

Even if I take everything with me, which I intend to educate myself out of doing, we’re talking (what feels like) a 50% reduction.

Allowing me to still take quality images  without the heft.

Lake District Landscapes - Watendlath Bridge
Lake District Landscapes – Watendlath Bridge

I’m still carrying the filters and holders whilst I trial some Sony apps with the potential to rid me of having to tote them around as, although they are not heavy they do take up as lot of space. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on this in a later part.

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