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I wont labour the points here, if you’re reading this then your probably aware of the significance of the ones raised.

Sony A7r – Pretty much a no-brainer, near medium format resolution at 36Mp, fantastic detail resolution, good shadow response, low noise, mirrorless (so “lightweight”), endless choice of lenses (both native and via adapters).

Canon FD Lenses – Solid range of lenses, many available, adaptable to the Sony, performance related to the price is amazing (for the right lenses), cheap (at the moment). I currently carry the 28mm, 50mm, 135mm, 70-210mm and really can’t see me requiring others.

3-Legged Thing “Eric” Tripod – tall when fully extended, removable centre column that can double as a monopod, carbon fibre (lightweight again), reverseable centre column, twist locks, very stable.

Formatt-Hitech 67mm Filter System – Although I was more than happy with my Lee Filters, they were just huge in comparison to the 52mm thread size of my FD lenses and, as a result, took up a lot of space in my camera bag. Another point was that I only EVER used the 2-stop ND and the 2-stop SE ND grad so I only purchased those two in the 67mm format. The polariser ring attachment to the filter holder allowed me to retain my 77mm circular polariser. Another point to take into account is the fact that I am trialling two Sony apps on the A7r. One allows me to do long exposure without a filter and the other is a digital graduated ND “thingy”, I am looking at the feasability of replacing my filters altogether with the apps.

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